"The VIRTUOSO Ms. Friedman offers a birds-eye view of a tiny, cloistered world. And as the multitude of vividly imagined characters burst out of this slight performer, the narrator herself begins to fade into the background." NEW YORK TIMES

"A TREMENDOUS solo performance by Renata Friedman who manages to be both wonderfully charming and profoundly disturbing." TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Calling Friedman's cracked-mirror performance VIRTUOSO is hardly adequate." SEATTLE TIMES

"Who needs a cast when you have Renata Friedman?" SEATTLE MET MAGAZINE

"SUBLIME acting by Renata Friedman." SEATTLE WEEKLY

"In a tour-de-force performance, actor Renata Friedman takes on more than a dozen roles...she displays a chameleon-like voice and body...STUNNING." MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE

"A vehicle for the FIERCE and DEXTROUS talents of noted Seattle stage actor Renata Friedman." SEATTLE TIMES

"Renata Friedman is a BEAST." TEEN TIX

"This is the chief gift among the many that performer Renata Friedman brings...through head-spinning shifts across 16 characters she grants us the privilege of seeing a young girl's discovery of grief and power through her vulnerable view...I believe the fun Friedman offers here is LEGENDARY." SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER

"A THRILLING turn by Renata Friedman...Heralded for her uncanny ability to lose herself in each character, Friedman is sure to be a MESMERIZING presence." MINNEAPOLIS CITY PAGES

"...a brilliant multi-faceted gem that shines with sharp wit and even sharper dialogue, all compressed into the talented Renata Friedman, a one-woman ensemble." SHOW BUSINESS WEEKLY

"Friedman lets these characters erupt from her...she plays each character as if it were the only one she really cared about." SEATTLE TIMES

"Friedman, who was memorable as the outrageous invalid in 'A Doctor in Spite of Himself' at Berkeley Rep, ENCHANTS again." CONTRA COSTA TIMES

"Renata Friedman is brilliant as a sexy-tough, remarkably fast-tongued feminist journalist." SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"Friedman effortlessly slides from character to character." THE EXAMINER

"A TOUR-DE-FORCE performance by Renata Friedman." HOW WAS THE SHOW

"...particularly suited to Friedman's energetic and DYNAMIC stage presence." CURTAIN UP

"...and all of the characters in this tale are deftly performed by Renata Friedman." BROADWAY WORLD


"Attention must be paid to the multifaceted comedic talents of Renata Friedman, who delights..." EXPRESS MILWAUKEE

"The one-woman show stars the talented Renata Friedman who gamely tackles more than a dozen parts." VILLAGE VOICE

"Slurpee-straw-thin and long-limbed, Renata Friedman is hard to miss and impossible to forget." SEATTLE WEEKLY

"Mesmerizing...Friedman as Kiddo is something brilliant. Someone for the ages. She is an astounding talent." TRIVIANA ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT

"The K of D (aka The Kiss of Death) centers on the spectacular, engaging performance of Renata Friedman." NYTHEATRE.COM